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What We Do


We create luxury interiors that will stand the test of time and encompass comfort, sophistication and practicality. 

Selimo & Co is a full service design firm. We partner with homeowners, builders and developers, collaborating to make each project distinct and notable.

Selimo & Co offers a tailor-made interior design and project management service, our initial consultation allows our clients to explore the possibilities and discover how we are committed to managing every project through conceptual design, implementation and final installation.

Our Work

Our Process



After hearing more about your project (via our Contact Form), we usually recommend an in-depth 1:1 consultation so that we can discuss your project in greater detail together.

  • In-home walk-through of your space and review needs, wish list, and style preferences

  • Preliminary budget and expectations discussion

  • Photos & measurements


After the design consultation, we will put together a detailed proposal to outline the scope of work and give you an estimate of the overall design services cost. The proposal estimates time appropriated to all aspects of the project as needed. 


Contact us to discuss your project in more detail and to schedule a consultation.


Commercial and Investment

We deliver dynamic designs and brilliant solutions tailored to fit all lifestyles, demographic regions, and budgets to resonate with each client's target market. We do extensive market research to familiarize ourselves with the targeted market to ensure broad market appeal.

We understand that our clients’ needs and preferences are unique. We work holistically and consider every detail. This involves establishing an overall aesthetic direction, thinking through the circulation and layout of each space, designing interior architectural elements, specifying finishes, fixtures, furniture and accessories. 

Commercial & Investment Services

  • Concept generation & consultation

  • Space planning and layouts

  • Brand identity development

  • Materials and finishes sourcing

  • Budget generation and adherence

  • Product design



Selimo & Co Design was formed in 2014 by Kristin Selimo and has steadily grown into a successful and recognized design studio. Kristin, owner and principal designer, gained experience initially in the property development sector, exclusively designing the interiors for real estate investors before launching her own studio to cater to the growing demand for her services from private residential clients, commercial spaces and investment properties.

Each Selimo & Co project strives to conjure emotion. Design should evoke a feeling.  It should be clever, contemplative and deliberate as much as it needs to be exhilarating, alluring and unique.  It's creating a space in the juxtaposition of function and aesthetics!  It’s no wonder why we’ve found success in this model - we are small, yet powerful. We are youthful, yet experienced. We are eclectic, yet distinctive.

Whatever identity you are looking to cultivate, we’ve got you covered. Our objective has always been one of creating impactful and memorable interiors where our clients can be the best versions of themselves.

Welcome to Selimo & Co Design.

Get in Touch

Selimo & Co Design is located in Milton, Georgia. Even though we are based in Georgia, we find ourselves working across the United States. We enjoy the diversity and learning opportunities offered by working in communities other than our own.

Contact us to discuss your project in more detail and to schedule a consultation, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Lauren Carnes Photography

Elizabeth Lauren Granger Photography

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